About Us

Central Technology Belt works with people who want to make a difference. We find, motivate and connect innovators – in companies, universities and government to unlock progress, growth and competitive advantage. Central Technology Belt is a not-for-profit company.

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Safe Open Innovation

Open Innovation is how ideas turn into goods and services through collaboration. To make progress you have to talk and be open with potential partners but this should not mean giving your ideas away. You need to be safe. Central Technology Belt (CTB) operates the Technology Intersect service which enables ideas and technology to be traded safely.

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Innovation Infrastructure

Central Technology Belt (CTB) works in the engine-room of innovation. This gives CTB a unique appreciation of what innovation infrastructure is needed to support organisations that need to innovate and grow. CTBs neutral position allows it to broker and promote future collaborative initiatives across sectors.

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Intellectual Property Strategy

Uncertainty and doubt around intellectual property (IP) protection can inhibit innovation. Ignorance or the pressure to ‘just press on’ can lead to expensive mistakes.

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Access to Funding

The majority of productivity, growth and job creation has come from innovation by small and young firms. These companies need resources and funding. CTB has a track record of successfully delivering EU Regional Development Fund projects designed to help businesses innovate & grow.

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Evidence – Case Studies

We now have a thriving and growing ecosystem of connected companies, universities and local authorities.

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Contact Us

Whether you are a start-up or small technology business; a larger corporate enterprise; university or local authority - start making a difference. Please get in touch via the email link below or click through to use our Contact Form.

Email - info@centraltechnologybelt.com

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